WestGroupe is introducing new merchandising and point of sale material for FYSH UK. Designed with the essence of the brand in mind – a collection dedicated to fashionable and confident women who embrace their own spirit through an original style – the new program offers great in-store presence and, when used to showcase the optical collections, will have high visual impact at store level.

The FYSH UK merchandising program reflects the fun, colorful spirit of the brand. The 5-piece collection is comprised of a 4-piece display with a swivel panel, a 1-piece display, a display tray, a name plate and a tilting mirror. Constructed from high density cardboard, each element is lightweight yet durable and eco-friendly. A glossy tone-on-tone pattern applied to a bold fuchsia background creates visual impact while the white logo is crisp and clean. The 5 pieces can be used together to create a high impact FYSH UK section or separately to discreetly highlight the brand.

“We are always looking for ways to improve our products to respond to the market’s needs and our merchandising materials are no exception,” says Beverly Suliteanu, WestGroupe Vice President of Product Development. “When creating the new merchandising program, we took into consideration the fact that our customers were looking for displays that were less bulky but were still sturdy and attractive. We also looked at the feasibility of using sustainable and eco-friendly materials, which is a big concern in today’s world. With all of this in mind, we came up with displays that are recyclable, functional and represent the essence of the FYSH UK.