WestGroupe proudly announces the launch of Superflex X-Fit, an extended fit category catering to the increasing demand for larger-sized eyewear among both men and women. Renowned for its diverse styles and affordability, Superflex is elevating its offerings to meet the requirements of individuals seeking eyewear in extended sizes.
While Superflex has consistently featured a robust selection of larger eyesizes, the brand is poised to bolster its range in 2024. An innovative addition to the lineup includes the introduction of X-Fit markings on demo lenses for all women’s SKUs size 56+ and men’s 57+. This distinctive marking is aimed at simplifying the identification process for retailers and consumers, ensuring easier access to frames suited for larger facial dimensions.
“Observing a significant surge in demand for larger sizes in eyewear over recent years, we’ve proactively addressed this need within our collections. However, swiftly identifying these frames remains a challenge for both dispensers and their customers,” states Beverly Suliteanu, Director of Product Development at WestGroupe. “By integrating the X-Fit marking onto the demo lens, retailers can efficiently pinpoint frames that perfectly fit their clientele.”
Alongside marking new models, this identification feature is being phased into existing extended fit sizes, commencing Q4 2023. To inaugurate the Superflex X-Fit launch, the brand is set to unveil four new ladies’ models in sizes 56 and 58 between January and March 2024.  Superflex currently includes sizing up to 61 for men and 59 for women.
This strategic expansion underscores WestGroupe’s commitment to meeting the evolving preferences and needs of consumers within the eyewear market. The introduction of Superflex X-Fit exemplifies the brand’s dedication to accessibility, convenience, and inclusivity in eyewear fashion.
Press Contact : Alexis Nyiro – anyiro@westgroupe.com – 514-383-0042 #347
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