WestGroupe has launched all new EVATIK merchandising and point of sale material.

With great in-store presence and high visual impact, the new program perfectly matches the contemporary, clean and refined look of the popular brand for the fashion savvy man.

The new EVATIK display program echoes the understated luxury of the brand. Constructed from high-density cardboard, the new displays feature a carbon fiber-inspired pattern offset by a metallic logo that has a high-tech, masculine appeal. The clean, modern look of the brand is showcased in the 5piece collection that includes a 4-piece display with a swivel panel, a 1-piece display, a display tray, a nameplate and a tilting mirror. The new merchandising program is very versatile: it can be used to create a high profile “Evatik highlight” area while individual merchandising pieces can be chosen to discreetly promote the brand.

“With our new merchandising material, our goal was to create attractive displays to meet the optical market’s needs and expectations,” says Beverly Suliteanu, WestGroupe Vice President of Product Development. “The new collection of displays evokes the essence of the EVATIK brand and has the added bonus of being recyclable, which is a growing concern in today’s marketplace.”