Since its Canadian debut in 2009, Stepper Eyewear has earned a reputation for its timeless eyewear designs that prioritize high-quality materials and an unmatched fit. With a steadfast commitment to creating eyewear for a diverse global audience, Stepper is proud to unveil a collection tailored specifically for the Asian market, ensuring that all Stepper customers can enjoy the frames and fit they deserve.
This Canadian release comprises five models, including two designed for men and three for women. The collection retains Stepper’s signature classic style, featuring TX5 plastic fronts and titanium temples, offering the utmost in stylish, lightweight, and comfortable eyewear. Acknowledging the unique characteristics of Asian facial anatomy, these styles are designed with a flatter base curve, a smaller pantoscopic angle, and specialty metal nosepad guard-arms to ensure a perfect bridge fit.
“Stepper eyewear has gained immense popularity in Canada due to its exceptional fit and comfort,” says Beverly Suliteanu, Director of Product Development at WestGroupe. “Stepper’s ongoing commitment to a ‘World Fit’ concept reflects their recognition of the distinct preferences and requirements of eyewear consumers around the world. This new collection further demonstrates their dedication to providing eyewear comfort for all.”
The Stepper Asian fit collection will be available in Canada as of November 2023