It’s time to celebrate – 50 years of fashion and the people who bring it to life, in Vogue Eyewear.

An ode to its beginnings, present and future, Vogue Eyewear dedicates its 50th anniversary celebrations to everyone who has shaped the way we see the world since 1973. Colorful, inclusive, and creative, the brand celebrates how real people make the trends an expression of more than just fashion: it’s about being proud of who you are and having the confidence to make it a look. And that’s exactly how
Vogue Eyewear is celebrating its big five-O.

From the Italian muses of the early years to its first forays on the international scene in the 90’s and 2000s with top models like Gisele Bundchen, Kate Moss and Eva Mendes, and co-created capsules by Gigi Hadid, Zennial actress Millie Bobby Brown and Hailey Bieber, for fifty years Vogue Eyewear has given celebrity ambassadors the chance to frame their own take on fashion. But it’s not only about top models and fashion icons; it’s about playing with Vogue Eyewear to find your personal style. Because more than just glasses, Vogue Eyewear is your personal style enhancer.

Jam packed with fun, interactive expressions of what it means to be in vogue, the campaign frames the brand’s constantly evolving vision through a 50th Anniversary Capsule of best-seller Vogue Eyewear styles. And its favorite color is pink, Hot Pink. Provocative and bold, this wide-spectrum tone embraces the complementary reality of rebelliousness and inclusion, a sense of belonging and the power of identity,
playing with identifying elements in unexpected ways, just as the brand plays with its own logo – creating a futuristic new 3D metallic bubble-letter logo specially for the anniversary campaign – or revamps archive stars with contemporary attitude and a hot pink makeover of their packaging.

Including original 70s stars and bold profile glamor, as well as the easy to wear looks of the 2K gen and trendy geometries or glam-chic retro shapes of the 2000s, the 50th anniversary capsule frames each decade of Vogue Eyewear with a style, revamping each one with a liberal dash of celebratory pink.

So, if you’re excited to celebrate with us, follow Vogue Eyewear on its social channels and #letsvogue another five decades in style.