By Denis Langlois

Melanie Chalmers is an active boomer who enjoys travelling country roads on her bicycle, hiking to local waterfalls, and hitting the golf links. “I just really like to stay busy,” said the 59-year-old Grey County woman.
Finding a model to best accommodate her outdoor pursuits is frustrating, she said. “I’m always afraid my glasses will break.
I worry about sun damage. And often my prescription for distance isn’t ideal for golf or hiking.”
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Zeal Optics
The boutique line offers a Performance Collection — for highly active consumers such as triathletes and competitive cyclists — with a “rock-solid fit” and precise visuals.
Its Active Collection — for the outdoor enthusiast- who enjoys hiking, biking, and jogging — includes more than a dozen impact-resistant options.
All models are made with ProFlex RubberTM and lenses that protect eyes from the sun’s rays, Lewis said.
“ZEAL Optics’ full line is designed for the active outdoor enthusiast who wants to explore their passions and pursuits without sacrificing fashion,” he said.

Shamir Insight has stylish eyewear for the active boomer. Shamir Golf is a lens with three enhanced vision zones that allow golfers to clearly see their scorecard, ball on the tee, and green in the distance.
“People that play golf actually say their score is better when they’re using these lenses,” said Martin Bell, Shamir’s national sales and marketing manager.
The lenses provide enhanced peripheral vision and protect eyes from sun damage, wind, and dust, he said. Shamir’s newest Attitude® lens, the Attitude III Sport®, is a high-quality progressive designed for people that enjoy tennis, hiking, running and other outdoor sports, Bell said.
It is the company’s highest-quality wrap
lens that eliminates peripheral distortion and includes vision zones “perfectly adapted to sports,” he said, including a near-vision zone for seeing close ups such as a watch,
an enlarged intermediate or safety zone for seeing three to 16 feet ahead, and a far-v

Bushnell Performance Optics offers two lines — Bollé and Serengeti — that include frames that appeal to active boomers.
Bollé carries models specifically designed for golfers, boaters, and tennis players, said Rene Gerber, the company’s marketing manager.
The company’s Modulator V3 Golf lenses are a brown tone to “highlight the subtleties on the golf course.” The lenses offer precision optics, have treatments to repel dirt, grease, and water spots and lighten and darken to adapt to the environment.
The Bollé marine line includes polarized inland gold and polarized offshore blue lenses. Both protect against sun and water glare, repel water, and offer a clear view.
“For those Boomers that want a brand
that they can relate to, the Serengeti brand probably resonates better with them than
Bollé. Many will remember the classic Serengeti styles from decades ago and some may still even have their Serengeti’s safely tucked away,” Gerber said.
Serengeti shades have photochromic technology, which instantly adapts to changing light conditions, as well as UVA/UVB protection, polarization to fight glare and reduce eye fatigue and “spectral control” to provide “the utmost definition, contrast, and colour enhancement,” she said.

Oakley (Canada)
Oakley Canada has two lines to suit active boomers. TinCanTM features shades with ultra-light stainless steel frames and air-filled nose pads to ensure a snug fit as well as lenses with optimized peripheral vision, maximum clarity, glare reduction, high-impact resistance, and UV protection.
“It’s a timeless classic,” said Ryan Joergensen, Oakley Canada’s eyewear product manager.
Oakley’s Chainlink line, marketed to those that play hard but also want style for life beyond sports, featuring lightweight, durable, and snug-fitting frames.
“Fit and comfort go hand in hand. You want them to fit well to your face,” Joergensen said.
Chainlink frames are made
with a lightweight synthetic called O MatterTM, engineered for comfort and shock resistance. Chainlink lenses provide protection from sun while offering optimal peripheral vision and maximum clarity at all angles of vision.