VISION EASE has expanded its consumers’ choice of photochromic colour options with the launch of VISION EASE Photochromic Brown, the latest in its line of no-compromise lenses.

The new color complements the existing VISION EASE Photochromic Gray lenses so customers now have more options that meet consumer demand for superior performance.

The first styles immediately available in brown are SFSV and D28 Bifocals in polycarbonate. Future availability will include D35 Bifocals and 7×28 Trifocals.

VISION EASE tested the new lens’ performance against wearer comfort benchmarks. Like their gray counterpart, VISION EASE Photochromic Brown lenses are big on performance, offering comparable clarity and exceeding the national brand on activation, total darkness and fadeback comparisons.

The brown lenses also block 43 percent of indoor blue light and 94 percent of outdoor blue light.

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