With Varilux® Comfort Max, Essilor is reinventing its iconic Varilux Comfort® lens, the industry benchmark for progressive lenses since its launch in 1993. Innovation, which is essential to our mission of improving lives by improving sight, is at the heart of all our actions, and drives Essilor teams to develop increasingly high-performance progressive lenses that take into account the changing needs of wearers.

“Because presbyopes need to keep up with their active lifestyle, Varilux® Comfort Max adapts to the profile of each wearer to offer them a larger useful vision zone for greater flexibility in their physical movements and postures,” explains Marion Aymond, Varilux® and progressive lenses Brand Manager for Essilor Canada. “Varilux® Comfort Max guarantees all-day-long vision comfort*.”

Flex Optim™ technology adjusts the lens progression profile to each customer’s prescription (ametropia and addition), making it possible to enlarge the useful vision zone by +46%1 compared to Varilux Comfort 3.0. The wearer’s postural flexibility is thereby improved allowing more natural physical positions when wearing the lenses, throughout the day.

Tested and approved by wearers, Varilux® Comfort Max lenses achieve all-around performance across vision zones2. Eight out of 10 wearers experienced easier adaptation2-3 and, 9 out of 10 presbyopes who had never previously tried progressive lenses want to continue wearing them. 4-5 

“We are convinced that Varilux® Comfort Max will help eyecare professionals equip young presbyopes and encourage them to adopt progressive lenses”, adds Marion Aymond. “The latest Varilux® innovation is a reliable vision solution and great value, in line with their customers’ demanding and connected lifestyle.”

For more information on Varilux® Comfort Max lenses, contact your Essilor Canada Business Consultant.