By Denis Langlois


These companies really embraced the 3Rs.

From reusing old discarded fishing nets that can clog up our waterways to recycling plastic water bottles, here are some ways companies are helping the planet while making cool eyewear.


These Sea2See sunglasses for petite faces are made of 100 per cent recycled marine plastic.


Sorrento sunglasses by Mita Eyewear are crafted from recycled water bottles.


Woodzee makes sunglasses from recycled skateboard decks as well as shades from a combo of recycled skate decks and a wood or plant-based plastic frame.


Genusee frames are made in Flint, Mich. from 100% post-consumer recycled water bottles.


Waterhaul transforms fishing nets recovered from local coastlines into premium 100% recycled eyewear.


Costa’s Untangled collection features performance sunglasses made from 97% recycled fishing nets and 3% performance additive.

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