PPG, Thai Optical Group and Global Optics Inc. have introduced TRIBRID lenses in North America.

The companies announced on Sept. 13, 2016 the high-performance high-index lenses, available in semi-finished single vision clear lenses, are compatible with digital free-form processing and antireflective coatings.

TRIBRID material is a unique, unprecedented approach to high-index lenses and is ideal for eye care professionals who want to offer a fully optimized visual experience to patients with more demanding vision-correction needs,” said Philip Wojcik, PPG general manager, optical monomers and coatings. “We are excited to partner with Thai Optical Group and Global Optics to bring this new high-index lens technology to North America.”

TRIBRID lens material was developed by PPG using an advanced hybrid material approach incorporating chemistry for TRIVEX® lens material with traditional high-index lens material chemistry. The result is a high-index lens that that offers the combination of vision comfort, protection and performance with enhanced thinness.

Suited to patients with higher prescriptions, TRIBRID lens material features include:

Optical clarity with an Abbe number of 41;

Lightweight comfort with density of 1.23 grams per cubic centimeter;

Thinness with refractive index of 1.60;

Impact resistance with the ability to withstand more than 160 times the energy of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration drop ball test; and

100 percent protection from ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Thai Optical Group has been a dedicated partner with PPG for TRIVEX material, and it continues that collaboration in the development of TRIBRID lenses.

We are proud to collaborate with PPG and Global Optics to bring TRIBRID lenses to North American laboratories,” said Torn Pracharktam, managing director, Thai Optical Group. “We are confident that TRIBRID lenses will exceed the expectations of eye care professionals by providing a greater balance of lens performance features in a thinner, high-index format.”

Global Optics is a leading supplier of lenses to independent laboratories in North America.

“Since our founding in 1971, Global Optics has been strongly committed to bringing new and innovative technology to our members,” said Barbara Vitchus, president and general manager, Global Optics. “We identified TRIBRID lenses as the next stage in the evolution of high-index lens technology, and we wanted to be the first to bring this exciting lens to North America.”

With the launch of TRIBRID lenses in the region, Global Optics also announced that any optical laboratory can now apply to become a Global Optics associate member.

“We are dedicated to providing world-class logistics and supply-chain solutions, along with one of the largest inventories of lenses, and we are excited to serve any optical laboratory in North America,” Vitchus said.

Optical laboratories can request more information about becoming a Global Optics associate member by contacting Chris Williams at 800-289-5367 ext 107.

About Global Optics

Global Optics, Inc. ensures our independent laboratories partners consolidated purchasing, superior logistical solutions and supply chain distribution. Founded in 1971 with eight shareholder laboratories and a handful of small vendors, Global Optics now serves over 200 optical laboratories with an unmatched inventory of products from more than 20 vendors. With a state-of-the-art distribution facility located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Global Optics inventories most major lens manufacturers’ products in depth and has the ability to ship overnight across the country. For more information, visit www.globaloptics.com.

About Thai Optical Group

Thai Optical Group Public Company Limited, or TOG, has over 60 years of experience in the optical lens industry. TOG is among Thailand’s largest manufacturer and distributor of optical lenses and one of the leading independent global manufacturers. In addition to being the first Thai company to manufacture optical lenses for domestic and international original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), TOG also produces optical lenses under its own EXCELITE brand. The company’s research and development operations cover four types of lenses: organic lens, mineral lens, prescription lens, and other products and services – including glass mold manufacturing for plastic lenses, hard coating, multi-coating, products for subsequent assembly, and more.


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