Transitions continued their cross country tour this week with a stop in Woodbridge Ontario to announce the latest in adaptive lens technology.

Transitions Vantage are the first photo-chromatic lenses to offer variable polarization providing a virtually clear lens indoors which also darkens and polarizes outdoors.

“This is radically new technology,” said Transitions Optical Industry Relations and Education Manager Tim Schmidt adding it has taken 10 years to reach this superior level of technology. Schmidt noted the lenses address the most critical types of light including distraction, discomfort, disabling and blinding.

“We wanted to enhance the visual experience,” said Schmidt. He said the anti-reflective coating on the lenses give wears the ability to see images around them with near perfect clarity. Though not a substitute for sunglasses, they can offer an easier transition from the outdoors to the indoors which offering significant sun protection. The lenses offer a crisper, sharper picture through the variable polarization.

The lenses contain special dyes which darken under UV light, and also align at various angles to become polarized. This helps control glare and light scatter. The polarization efficiency ranges from zero percent to 89 per cent depending on the level of UV light and temperature.

Though not designed to replace other Transitions options such as the Transitions VI or the Transitions XTRActive, they are instead designed to compliment the wearers lifestyle and offer a new level of technology for the discerning customer.

The Transitions Vantage Tour continues to Quebec City, Montreal and Halifax through the month of June.

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