ORLANDO, Fla., Jan. 27, 2015 – Transitions Optical, Inc. is expanding the reach of the Transitions® brand in Canada by targeting even more groups of eyeglass wearers and highlighting the expanded availability of the Transitions® family of brands through a new multi-dimensional consumer campaign in 2015. The national advertising campaign will continue to communicate the advanced performance of Transitions® SignatureTM lenses with Chromea7TM technology and emphasize unique options and product benefits thay the entire family of Transitions family of brands offers.

“Despite the fact that the technology behind Transitions lenses has improved, some consumers still have outdated perceptions of how the lenses perform,” said Patience Cook, associate director, North America marketing, Transitions Optical. “Our increased efforts to talk about the technology, the unique options available in the Transitions family and the different people who wear the product, will ultimately help more consumers realize that there is a Transitions product out there for people like them.”

Through digital and social visibility in English and French, Canadians will still experience the “iconic style” of Transitions Signature lenses – but this year, there will be many more product-specific ads to complement this foundational exposure to the Transitions brand.

In 2015, a new television commercial will be run in English and French. In the ad, Canadian actress, Laurence LeBoeuf will help tell a more stylistic and glamorous adaptive lens story of Transitions Signature graphite green lenses, while highlighting the availability of all three colours. This visibility from this commercial alone will generate more than 161 million impressions, appearing on top-rated networks, including the Food Network and Discovery, and French-language channels, Historia, RDS and The Weather Network. The ad will also run during news broadcasts like TVA Nouvelles and Canada AM and during top-rated shows, like Big Bang Theory, Bones, Modern Family, Person of Interest, Les Chefs! and Unité 9.

“We have a story to tell about the Chromea7 technology inside Transitions Signature lenses, and we believe the story presents an opportunity for us to connect younger consumers with the Transitions brand – particularly single vision wearers,” said Cook. “By focusing on the new colour choices and technology advances, we are helping these consumers – who are trendy, ambitious, status-conscious and value technology – find a new look on Transitions lenses.”

Further expanding the conversation around different products in the Transitions family of brands, Transitions® XTRActive® lenses and its unique set of benefits will be the focus of various digital and social media ads and promotions. Online ads, including these and more, will create over 30 million impressions though placements on BrightRoll, Juice Mobile, The Weather Network, Microsoft, TSN and RDS.