To help eyecare professionals better understand and treat young patients, Transitions Optical has released new kids’ resources featuring staff education and marketing materials.

Today’s kids, also known as Generation Z, make up more 22 percent of the Canadian population and have unique eye care needs compared to adults and kids of previous generations. The kids’ resources from Transitions Optical include information on the importance of vision in childhood development, the necessity of regular eye exams and the need to protect kids’ eyes from damaging UV and harmful blue light.

The materials also contain information on prescribing and dispensing corrective eye care to kids. Transitions® lenses are an ideal choice for Gen Z because they seamlessly adapt to the perfect tint, in any light. Plus, they help protect from UV rays and harmful blue light from digital devices, and especially bright sun.

There is also a range of marketing materials from social media graphics to counter cards available to help eyecare professionals promote their practice and highlight the importance of vision care for kids.

The Transitions Optical kids’ resources can be viewed online and downloaded by visiting