Certificate of Authenticity program continues to help eyecare professionals reassure patients of high-quality lens purchase

Transitions Optical, Inc. has announced the start of a new Transitions Online Rewards Program (TORP) promotion, offering eyecare professionals a way to earn more at a faster pace. Beginning September 15, eyecare professionals and labs who support the Transitions Certificate of Authenticity (COA) program will receive double (400) points toward new prizes and rewards each time a patient registers his or her Transitions® lenses through November 15.

Eyecare professionals can redeem their TORP points for various prizes, including point-of-sale
materials, Transitions-branded merchandise and gift cards.

The Transitions COA helps eyecare professionals ensure consumers that they have received authentic Transitions lenses, and can prevent the substitution of other products for Transitions brand lenses. Taking the time to review the COA with patients also provides the eyecare professional with an opportunity to recap the benefits of the lenses and explain how they can help enhance the way wearers see the world around them while protecting and preserving their long-term eye health.

“We’ve been using the Transitions Online Rewards Program for as long as I can remember,
and the rewards we redeem are shared across all of our office locations with our full team
and sometimes even our patients,” said Penny Russin, licensed optician, Eye Health Centres,
Regina, SK. “We distribute the Transitions COA because it shows our patients that they’ve
received the newest Transitions lens technology available – not something from our old stock
– and they appreciate that because they’ve come to us for a high quality product. Knowing that
our work to promote and educate patients about Transitions lenses can help us earn more for
our patients and staff members is certainly an added perk.”

During the promotion, patients who register their Transitions lens purchase using the COA –
online at www.Transitions.com/registermylenses or by mail – will continue to have the chance
to win back the retail price of their eyeglasses or the grand prize of eyeglasses with Transitions lenses and anti-reflective (AR) coating for life. Additionally, Transitions Optical will continue to donate $1 per COA registration to a charity supported by the Transitions Healthy Sight for Life™ Fund.

To start earning rewards through the program, eyecare professionals can contact Transitions
Optical Customer Service at (877) 254-2950 or customerservicecanada@transitions.com.