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Transitions® Lens Wearers to “Live the Good Light”

Transitions Optical invites a new generation of Transitions® Lens Wearers to share experiences and “Live the Good Light” with 2017 consumer advertising campaign

Transitions Optical is launching their new advertising campaign in Canada called “Live the Good Light™,” with a focus on engaging and attracting a younger generation of single-vision wearers to the photochromic lens category.

The campaign brings the Transitions brand to life by educating consumers on adaptive lens technology through both indoor and outdoor experiences. The new commercial showcases different people and lifestyles in unique social and professional settings, all comfortably and safely enjoying the light with Transitions lenses. The new commercial demonstrates that with Transitions lenses, every moment from the early morning to the late night is celebratory. From small, intimate interactions to grand, larger events, Transitions lens wearers can enjoy every single moment happening around them with the seamless protection and adaptation of Transitions lenses.

Compared to Transitions Optical’s previous focus on a “through the lens” experience, the new campaign will give viewers an “into the lens” experience. The new materials capture wearers enjoying the benefits of the lenses and their experiences with them, as opposed to just the environment around them.

Another new feature highlighted in this campaign is the focus on harmful blue light protection, indoors and outdoors. All Transitions lenses reduce exposure to harmful blue light and UV rays, and the new commercial brings awareness on this issue to patients and encourages them to ask their eyecare professional about the benefits of Transitions lenses.
“By taking a new approach and focusing on wearers and their experience with Transitions lenses, we are able to create an emotional connection with viewers of all ages while still communicating the key benefits of our product.” said Patience Cook, director, North America Marketing, Transitions Optical. “We are building upon our recent efforts in connecting with younger, single-vision wearers by demonstrating the stylish aspect of Transitions lenses, and also by reiterating the protection the lenses offer against UV and harmful blue light indoors and outdoors.”

The new commercial alone will generate more than 258 million impressions in Canada as it appears on prominent conventional and specialty networks, such as CTV, TVA, TSN and RDS, Discovery Channel during prime time, early morning and sports timeslots. The campaign will kick off on April 17 and will run through August. Additionally, the campaign will add 45 million digital impressions.

Eyecare professionals can get involved with the new campaign by ordering a “Live the Good Light” campaign kit. Each kit comes complete with insights on the benefits of advertising, tools for eyecare professionals to bring the new campaign to life, new point-of-sale materials, the Lens Style Guide, step-by-step instructions and scripting for incorporating the new campaign into their practice, and social media assets. Eyecare professionals can contact Transitions Customer Service at or 1.877.254.2590. Additionally, Transitions Optical will initiate a “Sunrisers Contest” later in 2017 that calls on Canadians to share stories about the importance of light in their lives and generates an additional 75 million impressions in social media. The contest will give eyecare professionals a chance to promote Transitions lenses online and in their practices.

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