By Denis Langlois

Transitions Signature Gen 8 – the newest generation of Transitions photochromic lenses –are now available in seven style colours.

Amber, Amethyst, Emerald and Sapphire have been added to the innovative Gen 8 lens portfolio, joining Grey, Brown and Graphite Green.

The new lenses have the best performance ever on style colours, with faster activation and fadeback than Transitions Signature VII. They are fully clear indoors and have consistent tint across all activation states.

The suite of vibrant style colours creates a unique opportunity for patients to upgrade their style with an on-trend pairing of frames and lenses.

The new style colours were one of the new product announcements at this year’s Transitions Academy in Orlando, Fla.

Transitions also unveiled new Transitions XTRActive Polarized lenses. The launch date for Canada is still being finalized.

The lenses start clear indoors, darken in the car, achieve extra darkness and polarize outdoors in the sun. They are the world’s only clear-to-extra-dark photochromic polarized lenses.

Recently, Optical Prism spoke with Elise Bioche, vice-president of global marketing, and Luc Nouvelot, global research & development director, at Transitions about the new Gen 8 style colours and XTRActive Polarized lenses.

Optical Prism: One of the features of Transitions Gen 8 style colours is they have a consistent tint across all activation states. Why was this important to achieve?

Luc Nouvelot: On a product which is designed for style and fashion, being exactly on the colour we chose is absolutely paramount.

Elise Bioche: As a consumer, when you choose a blue lens, for example, you want a blue all through the state of activation. And we know that when people try on the lenses, it’s very important that the colour looks really nice whatever the activation state is. So, if it’s blue, you want it to be clear and then a light blue and then you want your blue to become the darker blue outdoors. But you don’t want them to switch over to another colour. And that’s a challenge because it’s not only matching the colours, but also the speed of activation so that whatever the activation state is, you are in the range of blue that you have chosen.

OP: How can ECPs promote the new style colours to their patients?

EB: ECPs can totally rely on the technology. They know they are selling the best photochromic performance with Gen 8, providing a far better light protection index than clear lenses. So they can rely on the product performance.

And then all the conversation with their clients is just about how to match frames with the lenses. It’s also a way to talk about who you are inside and outside. You can reveal different aspects of your personality with the style colours.

Transitions can also provide tools in-store, such as the collection style book and tools to showcase the colours, so people can start to figure out how they will look with their Transitions lenses.

OP: A recent Transitions study found that 89 per cent of people prefer the Gen 8 lenses over clear when they try them both. However, only 10 per cent of people wear Transitions lenses. How do you hope the new Gen 8 lenses and style colours will help to close that gap?

EB: Honestly, the only question now is, why not Transitions? The level of the technology is so advanced that we’ve reached a level where you have no issues or questions. It’s really for everyone. They work super fast with a super high level of quality.

It’s a bit like with mobile phones. A couple of years ago, you still had super big batteries for your phones, but at some point, the technology made the leap and suddenly everybody had mobile phones.

I think it will be the same with Gen 8. We’ve reached a level with the advancement of the technology where you have all the advantages that a clear lens can provide when they are at the clear state and all the benefits of sunglasses when you’re outside and, on top of that, in changing intermittent lights, you see better, with your eyes better protected and with the style you want.

And we know that when people go for Transitions, they stick to it for life.

OP: Regarding Transitions XTRActive Polarized, what sets these lenses apart?

LN: It’s clearly the polarization. I think what is key in this product is that it’s a real XTRActive lens, with the XTRActive dye technology, which means activating using partially visible light so that you can get activation in the car and you can get extra darkness when you are outdoors.

And, on top of that, you have ultra-fast dichroic dyes plus this smart matrix which allows them to create a pattern of dyes that generates polarization that is equivalent to polarized sunglasses when you are outdoors.

The other important thing is XTRActive Polarized lenses become extra dark at high temperatures; when it is 30-plus degrees celsius outside.