Creating anticipation for a year of new firsts and business opportunities, the 16th annual Transitions Academy attracted nearly 1,300 industry professionals from North and South America to Orlando, Florida this past January. During the annual event, attendees learned how to understand their customers and businesses from every angle by discovering new trends, products and tools to leverage in 2012.

On Monday morning, the educational track began with the launch of new Transitions® Vantage™ lenses—revolutionary everyday adaptive lenses that are designed to both darken and polarize upon UV exposure to deliver noticeably crisper, sharper vision, even in the brightest outdoor glare. John Ligas, director of research and development, Transitions Optical, and Alexis Cardona, chief marketing officer, Transitions Optical, introduced attendees to the product and invited them to break off into smaller groups to participate in field experiments and learn about the tools they can use to help their patients and customers understand the technology and benefits behind Transitions Vantage lenses and how they fit into the family of Transitions lens products.

“At Transitions Optical we have and will continue to create a history of innovation that we want each of our partners to experience and participate in,” said Hauser. “During this year’s Transitions Academy, we immersed our partners into a 360° view of their businesses. With the addition of Transitions Vantage lenses to our expanding family of products – and the marketing support that we are continuing to build – we hope to give them the resources they need for growth and improvement in the coming year.”

Transitions Academy concluded with its Transitions Academy Awards Recognition Event where Transitions Optical honored Trisha Beal, O.D., as the third Eyecare Professional of the Year for Canada. Practice of the Year.