By Brynn Low,



Just like parents say they love all of their children equally, all of your website pages are special in their own way.

Still, one kid always seems to get more attention.

The same goes for your website pages.

Yes, it’s important to have a website page for every service you offer, including glaucoma diagnosis and treatment, but is that the page patients visit most often? No. Here’s why.


The User Journey

First, let’s put ourselves in the shoes of users, or patients, going to your website.

Maybe they did a Google search for “eye exam near me,” or maybe a friend recommended your practice.

Once this prospective patient reaches your website, they’re probably looking for three main things: 

  1. Your location;
  2. Your services;
  3. Your philosophy/personality.

The pages that explain these the best tend to be your most-visited pages. For most practices, these will be the homepage and the about us page.


The Real Top 3 Pages for Eye Care Websites

  1. The Homepage 

Just like everyone who visits your practice walks through the lobby, everyone who visits your website probably passes through the homepage. Often, even if someone is looking for a specific service, like “dry eye treatment”, your homepage is what comes up.

As soon as someone reaches the homepage of your website, they probably have a pretty good idea of your location and your services. They might look at a menu drop down to see all of your services, but they won’t visit every page.


  1. The About Us Page

They’ll probably click on the service page most relevant to them, like the eye exam page or dry eye page. But people care about more than just whether you offer a service. They care about who is offering that service.

Chances are, you’re not the only optician, optometrist or ophthalmologist in your area. And as healthcare professionals, patients really want to know who will be taking care of them. 

That’s why having an “About Us” or an “Our Practice” type of page is essential. For many people, what’s on this page will play a key part in whether they actually book an appointment.


  1. Blog Pages

Not every practice posts blogs regularly, but every practice probably should. In a world where people are exposed to upwards of 5,000 ads per day, blogs are an opportunity for you to reach patients without in-your-face marketing techniques.

And they work, too.

A good blog isn’t about adding a new associate or completing a renovation. The blogs that become one of the most-visited pages on your website answer patients’ questions.

If you can answer a common question patients have, there’s a good chance it could become a top-visited page on your website. Questions you hear everyday like “how often do I need an eye exam?” or “how do I know my child needs glasses” are great places to start.


But What About the Glaucoma Page? 

Just because it won’t be your top page doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a glaucoma page. Or pages for other specialties like cataracts, dry eye, laser vision correction and more.

But these specialty pages probably won’t be the most-visited, no matter how good they are. There are a couple of reasons for that:

  1. Even if a patient wants a specialty service, like a contact lens fitting, there’s a pretty good chance they’ll search something like “optometrist near me” or “eye doctor Toronto,” which will bring them to your homepage. 
  2. No matter what service a patient is looking for, from routine eye exams to blepharitis treatment, it’s pretty likely they will visit the “About Us” page at some point before booking an appointment.
  3. That patient who needs dry eye treatment? Or a contact lens fitting? There’s a high probability that before they visit you, they’re searching things like “why are my eyes so itchy” or “why do my contacts bother me”. Both searches make great blog topics.

When it comes to anything to do with your website, try and think how your patients would think. As long as you do that, your website is in pretty good hands.


As a senior SEO specialist at Marketing4ECPs, Brynn spends her days creating content that ranks for eye care practices all over North America. You can reach Brynn at