Keeler has introduced a new disposable applanation prism, Tonomate, to facilitate safe and fast Goldmann applanation tonometry.

Tonomate prisms are manufactured to the high quality associated with the Keeler brand and designed to fit most applanation tonometer prism holders. Each prism is individually packed in sterile packaging and can be fitted easily without requiring direct contact. The prism is discarded after use to streamline eye examinations and prevent the cross-infection of diseases between patients that can be transmitted via the tear film.

Tonomate prisms are ideal for use with D-KAT, Keeler’s digital applanation tonometer. D-KAT is available in R-type and T-type variants for -H- style slit lamps and as a Z-type model for Z-style slit lamps. It features fewer moving parts compared to conventional applanation tonometers and an LED display makes it easy to read in the dark.

For more information about Tonomate prisms and D-KAT, please visit the Keeler website; email; call 1-800-523-5620; or contact an authorized dealer.