Perfectly balanced between opposites that attract and repel, between East and West, between roots and avant-garde. An interplay of symbolic cross-references inspired by the world in its multiple facets, the people and their habits, customs and traditions. Such is the inspiration behind Tom Rebl, the avant-garde fashion brand made in Italy. A transversal journey of contaminations which rewrites contemporary fashion eyewear and defines new forms of frames for men and women.

Tom Rebl eyewear’s second season, alongside with its debut at SILMO, once more reveals a highly effective equilibrium between Italian heritage and impacting stylistic contents. Black in every possible shade predominates the collection, interpreted in used-looks – the new concept which was introduced by Tom Rebl at its debut in eyewear last year – deriving from unusual handcrafted finishing and chiaroscuro effects. The iconic shapes such as panthos, wayfarers and rounds have been broken down and reinterpreted in a new innovative language, poised between tradition, experimentation and provocation. Super-confortable fits and punctilious handicraft workings are combined with extremely narrow, architectural structures. A continuous opposition of contraries in the search of a pure code which culminates in the introduction of a patent-pending brand new concept in eyewear: real rust on acetate.

RUST, the latest cutting-edge product developed by Pregiata Eyewear for the Tom Rebl collection, is oxidized rusted acetate obtained by a patent-pending exclusive process. Combined to strikingly glossy, mirrored surfaces and introduced in a variety of frames, RUST is a concept which reflects the contemporary decadence, which is physical and nonetheless intrinsically human. RUST is being presented as a capsule but is already expected to become an icon in eyewear.

The iconic PROTOS styles that have been mainstays of the collection ever since its official debut are now offered in the RUST version. The new cutting-edge model Bomb-Ray, presented during the 2014 Milan Fashion Week and underpinning the Tom Rebl’s artisanal vocation, is also offering the rusted acetate, combined with the special bridge handcrafted from polished metal plate which is becoming a signature in Tom Rebl collection. Black smoke coloured Zeiss lenses complete the look. Everything is obviously entirely hand crafted.