Pride in individuality. TOM REBL, iconic fashion Maison from the underground scene, makes a strong statement in the eyewear industry with a unique unisex collection that blends Italian craftsmanship with experimentation, designed for confident outsiders.

Premiered at White Show Milano last September 2013 with the launch of the sunglasses collection, TOM REBL has now introduced the optical line.

The collection, developed and distributed by the Italian firm PREGIATA Eyewear and rigorously handmade in Italy, is keeping exploring the “black”: thru the sole use of black bio-acetate, the new designs make a suggestion of handfinishing and raw textures with a special attention to contrast and details.

Far from the mainstream fashion system, TOM REBL introduces for the first time in the optical market the pure combination of the fashion with the niche. Meticulous artisanship and extreme wearability, unmistakable in each piece of TOM REBL Eyewear, are perfectly mixed with cutting-edge inspirations, poised between pure Italian manufacture and conceptual research.

With the cultural contamination as main inspiration behind the collection, both the sun and the optical styles emphasizes the experimentation and blends this with notions of traditions and roots: used looks, industrial-grade details and flat surfaces match with superior craftsmanship and thoughtful execution, creating contrasts of glossy/rough, new/used, avantgarde/aged.

The woods, studs and leather textures obtained directly from the acetate without applications – which are unique in the eyewear market – led the sunglasses collection make a loud statement. These cutting-edge textures are combined with timeless and iconic shapes that fit a variety of faces for a final look characterized by a sophisticated appeal.

Native of Germany, educated at the prestigious St. Martins College in London, TOM REBL opened his headquarter on 2008 in Italy, where he produces a lifestyle collection as a couturier, from high-quality materials to superb craftsmanship. Still authentic, TOM REBL has made the brand grow taking it to the international market, where he has numerous fans also from the rock star world. Working independently and not subject to the market rules, he has naturally become a voice of the new generation.
PREGIATA, a newly-founded boutique firm based in Padova, is an eyewear company which designs, produces, distributes and commercializes sunglasses and frames in the high end international market. Unique in the marketplace, PREGIATA works as a licensee company dedicated exclusively to niche brands, both established and emerging, carefully selected through criteria of avant-garde style, iconic content and international prestige.

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