A child’s future begins with their eyes. How they perceive and interact with the world depends very heavily on what they see around them. Parents and eyecare providers are responsible for ensuring that kids get the best chance to see their world clearly.
Regular eye exams, proper attention to child behaviour and constant interaction are key to keepings kids eyes healthy.
In this issue of Optical Prism we look at a number of ways to make sure kids see clearly.
We have brought together a collection of frames that will make kids happy to wear their glasses. Featuring stylish colours and materials, these frames are definitely going to be a hit in the classroom.
We also look at how classroom behaviour can be an early indicator of eye issues.
Do you have a patient that fidgets in class or who is not performing well? It may be an eye issue rather than a behavioural one.
We talk to Dr. Angela Peddle of Vaughan Family Vision Therapy as she shares some of the latest resources for young patients. She also shares how Optometric Vision Therapy is changing the way the industry treats child eye concerns.
Have you always wanted to give back to your community or help people in other countries get the eyecare they need? We have searched the industry to find some of the most trusted vision charities around the world.
From North America to Africa, you can learn how your practice can not only help local people see better, but give sight to children and families in countries with little or no access to care.
In this issue we are also excited to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Silhouette. Known as an industry leader and innovation driver, Silhouette products have been to space and back. In this issue we share that story and how the work of two eyewear enthusiasts would change the industry forever.
Vision Expo West is just around the corner and we have got highlights for this year’s event.
Don’t forget to let us know if you will be there. We want to stop by and see your latest designs and technology.
Drop us a line via email, Facebook or Twitter and we will be sure to connect with you at VEW 2014.
Have a fantastic summer and we look forward to bringing you the most exciting looks and technology for the fall in our exciting September issue coming soon.

Sarah McGoldrick
Optical Prism Magazine