Eye care practices that are only performing exams and running a dispensary could be missing out on a third profit center: in-office processing. An insightful new web series created by The Vision Council offers firsthand commentary from eye care providers (ECPs) around the country who have chosen to invest in in-office processing equipment for their practice, from simple edging and lens assembly to full surfacing.

In the web series, eight ECPs of varying backgrounds talk unscripted about their use of in-office processing equipment. They discuss how in-office processing equipment can capture new customers, reduce errors, and speed up order turnaround – all while keeping costs in check. In addition, by stepping into their in-office labs, viewers will get a sense of the space requirements and equipment needs for their own practice. The videos will be released bi-weekly, with a promotion that will last five-months. Each testimonial will be added to the campaign’s official website, inofficeprocessing.com, and The Vision Council’s YouTube channel, YouTube.com/thevisioncouncil.

ECPs featured in The Vision Council’s web series are:
Stephen Rozenberg, O.D., 10/10 Optics, New York, N.Y.
Dora Adamopoulos, O.D., Eye 2 Eye, Alexandria, Va.
Mike Gantley, Office Manager, Nilsen Eye Care, Richmond, Va.
Michael Stoff, O.D., Eye Shoppe on 7th, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Mike Morton, O.D., Eye Care Associates, San Bernardino, Calif.
Robert Bauman, O.D., Dr. Robert C. Bauman & Associates, Stowe, Vt.
Justin Bazan, O.D., Park Slope Eye, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Edward Kent, Owner, Economy Best Vision, New York, N.Y.

“We know that when optometrists are researching in-office processing the first place they look is the web, so we thought using the Internet was a great way of allowing ECPs to hear from their peers,” said Matthew Vulich, chair of The Vision Council’s Lens Processing Technology Division task force and vice-president of marketing for AIT Industries. “Information is key in any industry, and the goal of this campaign is to provide eye care providers with the information they need to take direct control of their product’s quality.”
As part of the campaign, inofficeprocessing.com offers access to interactive return-on-investment calculators, equipment providers and an online, American Board of Opticianry-certified continuing education course, Lens Processing: How to Control Your Quality, Destiny and Profits. In addition, a downloadable Get Started Kit – complete with a checklist – has been added to help ECPs plan for success. To learn more about The Vision Council’s in-office processing campaign, visit inofficeprocessing.com.