September was an incredibly busy month in the eyewear industry. Many new lines were
launched and the annual Vision Expo West was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. This event is the who’s who of the industry, second only to Vision Expo East.
While thousands of people were playing the slots, just as many were filing through the doors of the Sands Conference Centre to see what was in store for 2013. The result was a colourful and imaginative array of designs, styles and technology. From glasses designed to impress to glasses designed to help children in third world countries see for the first time, there was no shortage of ideas and amazing stories.
This issue of Optical Prism hopes to capture some of what we learned at Vision Expo West in addition to what we have discovered in research labs and design studios across North America.
From eyewear designed to help colour-blind people see the true beauty and vivid colour of the world around them to glasses to help children overcome lazy eye, you are sure to find some incredibly useful information and stories in our October issue.
For those looking for neat ways to promote and manage their business, check out our articles on both marketing and the latest apps. These tools will help find new ways to reach your audience in both a multi-platform and cost effective way.
We are also pleased to officially launch our YouTube page in this issue with footage from Vision Expo. Once you are finished reading please go online and see the exciting new videos. More will be added all the time so subscribe, share and like our videos.
Finally take time to explore our Special Report on ethnic issues related to eyecare and eyewear. The cultural landscape of Canada continues to evolve and with it come new challenges related to language, culture and service. This issue helps lift the confusion on how best to assist clients from different backgrounds and how to offer services in a multi-cultural environment so that no one is left without care.
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Enjoy another great issue of Optical Prism.