By Denis Langlois

When it comes to eyewear trends, cat-eye frames have nine lives.

These distinctive glasses with an upswept flair at the outer corners, which have been said to resemble the eyes of a cat, have been around for nearly nine decades.

Also known as Harlequin or Manhattan glasses, cat-eye specs shot to popularity in the 1950s and ‘60s thanks to their association with A-list celebrities like Marilyn Monroe.

In the 1960s, actress Aubrey Hepburn wore oversized cat-eye shades in the wildly popular film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Many fashion experts point to that film as having catapulted this look onto many women’s must-have lists.

Cat-eye frames have made a huge comeback over the past decade, with many modern-day celebrities sporting this vintage look.

Thanks largely to new takes on this retro style, cat-eye frames are an on-trend, must-have accessory for almost every woman. And there are more variations of upswept specs to choose from than ever before.

Here are some of our favourite cat-eye frames that are available in the Canadian marketplace.