A unique concept in lens care, Biotrue is bio-inspired to work like the eyes to help lenses stay clean and moist throughout the day. The multi-purpose disinfectant is Bausch + Lomb’s latest innovation in disinfectants that has been on the market for about two years. The solution makes the contacting wearing experience very comfortable by going beyond simply cleaning and disinfecting lenses to bring together three bio-inspired innovations: it has a lubricant called hyaluronan (HA) found naturally in the tears, matches the pH of healthy tears, and keeps certain beneficial tear proteins active.

“The solution has a special lubricant that keeps the lenses moist for up to 20 hours. That is a key factor for this product. So eye care professionals are recommending this solution a lot for their patients,” said brand manager, Omar Martinez. “We are not the number one player for lens care, but we are the fastest growing, which is great,” he said. If you look at the entire category of contact lens solutions, sales are declining. It’s not that people aren’t wearing contact lenses it’s just that they are using a different model (daily disposables), which some patients find more convenient as they don’t require a cleaning solution.


Bausch + Lomb recently introduced PeroxiClear cleaning and disinfecting solution, a new hydrogen peroxide formula. The solution offers an alternative peroxide-based product. With an added Triple-Moist Technology to make the contact wearing experience more comfortable the solution provides up to 20 hours of moisture. PeroxiClear provides the disinfection efficacy you expect from a hydrogen peroxide solution, but neutralizes in only four hours, as compared to six with other peroxides. “Patients that use hydrogen peroxide are patients that have had issues with their multi-purpose solutions. Problems like having sensitive eyes or a history of previous eye infections are a reason why eye care professionals recommend a hydrogen peroxide system,” said Martinez.