Sandra from the RETRO collection brings a fresh new perspective on the geek
chic look and design. In doing so, this inspired design features a round shape
and with rich colours, without being intrusive, the colours are vibrant yet subtle
and exquisite. The result is – Dimension, not distraction.

Inspired by the interaction between vertebrae, SPINE solves age-old hinge limitations. Typical optical hinges have ‘dead points’, meaning they are either open, or shut, and
nothing in-between. They do not naturally have ‘give’. This limits comfort and increases
fragility. In solving this issue, our design brings even more benefits. The hinges gently flex to fit any head size, they lightly grip the face which means no more frames slipping down the face. There are no screws used in the working mechanism, so nothing to loosen, and due to the dual spring and cable the temples shut automatically when
removed from the face.

The Swedish eyewear designer Anna-Karin Karlsson is one of the leading
high fashion eyewear designers in the world. She is known for her unique
and extravagant eyewear designs. Through traditional skills, Anna-Karin
Karlsson creates eyewear that continues to push the boundaries of exclusive
eyewear. Combining high fashion and new techniques, each model is a piece
of art. The Collection is characterized by excess and indulgence in pleasure,
with frames bejewelled with hand-set crystals and 24-karat gold.

Salvatore Ferragamo style SF758S is an oversized square frame that features an overlapping of multi-layer colourful acetate, creating a three-dimensional effect. The SF762S is a thick cat-eye shaped frame with an elegant profile and is designed for a younger audience. The temples make reference to details of the iconic buckle collection. Lastly, male style SF767S is vintage-inspired as it’s a round shape of thick acetate.
There’s a strong contrast between the double metal bridge and the iconic gancino placed on the hinge.

RXODS3 is the latest prescription lens adaptor from Smith,
offering optical support within its line of performance sunglass
shields and snow goggles. The new RXODS3 features a fully
captured lens inside of a durable, TR90 nylon full frame.

RetroVelo 504R brings an exciting twist on a classical retro shape. The modified cateye is accented by contrasting colour lines, giving the wearer’s face uplift and personality. RetroVelo 503R’s deeper square shape features a fine checkered pattern on the temples, reminiscent of Bovelo 163 is decidedly feminine with it’s flowy lines on the temples. The designs are unexpected and fresh, featuring unique details and beautiful colour combinations such as deep teal with white and turquoise; red with turquoise, charcoal with orange.

WooDone eyewear has taken detail to a whole new level with eyewear models covered with leaves, those of the Wych Elm (ulmus glabra). The ULMUS collection features a special treatment, a finish that can be applied to any model in the collection. A natural glue was chosen to apply the leaf to the eyewear and, likewise, a natural lacquer finish is used to prevent the leaf from drying and changing colour. The veins of the leaf, whose pattern is uninterrupted from the temple pieces to the frame front, are enhanced by a lacquer finish.
The resulting eyewear is truly one of a kind since no leaf can be identical to another.

For the last couple of seasons, vintage and retro inspired looks have been very popular
and this continues for the spring summer season. Round and P3 shapes continue to be
hot and WestGroupe is introducing these shapes in both metal and plastic.
WestGroupe is using some throwback finishes like distressed metal and antique
colouring to really give the styling an authentic vintage vibe.