By Denis Langlois

Bright frames popular amid pandemic

The global COVID-19 pandemic pushed dark clouds of uncertainty and despair into many people’s lives as a result of self-isolation and social distancing requirements, business and service closures and economic turmoil.

But with those clouds – and restrictions – lifting, people are gravitating towards fashion choices that will bring more light and colour into their world.

B.C. optician Sheena Taff, the style enthusiast behind the blog, says she’s noticed that both men and women are increasingly opening their eyes to bolder colour choices and self-expression through their eyewear.

“Many people’s wardrobes have changed in 2020,” she says, noting more people are wearing scrubs or uniforms to work or casual loungewear while working from home.

And, with the use of video-conferencing technology on the rise, our faces have become even more of a focal point during online chats and virtual work meetings. Requirements around face masks have also turned more attention to our eyes.

“Eyewear in bright, vibrant colour is eye-catching and portrays our personality when our traditional means are obstructed,” Taff says.

“Rainbow bright tones of orange, green and purple bring a playfulness to eyewear and a fun look that people are looking for when things can otherwise look bleek.”

Here are some frames that will enable your patients to “embrace the brighter side.”