Titanium frames are tough like nails, but light as a feather

By Denis Langlois

Titanium is like a magic metal.

Known for its low density and high strength, this lustrous transition metal is also ultra-lightweight.

And it gets even better: titanium is also extremely durable and corrosion-resistant.

All of these characteristics make titanium, named after the Titans of Greek mythology, ideal for creating durable and strong yet lightweight eyewear.

Glasses made from titanium also retain their colours longer than eyewear created from other materials and they’re able to withstand considerable wear and tear. Titanium glasses also scream sleek and stylish.

Some optical companies have used the strength and durability of titanium or beta titanium to create minimalist glasses as well as rimless or semi-rimless specs.

Here are some of our favourite frames, made of either titanium or beta titanium.