Every frame tells a story, and that is just what the newest three STEPPER models continue to do. Going above and beyond comfort and reliability, STEPPER frames are constructed using the latest technology, while also embracing the best practices from the past. Our eyewear can be compared to the creation of art, where each frame is specifically designed to match the consumer’s character and style. Through the models in this collection, we welcome our signature bridge design, Titanium materials, and classic styles. 

The new STEPPER EYEWEAR SI-30182 is a frame of many attractive qualities that go beyond the initial aesthetics.
Using advanced injection moulding and STEPPER’s own TX5 material, the simple front design incorporates the brand’s renowned bridge design, delivering exemplary levels of comfort.
Titanium sides wrap into the front with pretty-yet-restrained patterned detailing. In addition to looking good, they’re super light, remarkably strong and reliably rigid.
The TX5 and Titanium parts are hypoallergenic, minimizing reactions for those with sensitive skin.
SI-50263 provides the simultaneous benefits of exuding elegance, while its Titanium-crafted material offers great strength. Innovative Beta-Titanium adds a plasticity, allowing the frames to flex as required in daily use.
The classic lines of the SI-50263 give no hint of the technology and innovation that lie behind its popular ‘panto’ design.
Its front, lug, and temple components were each thoughtfully created using Beta-Titanium. Carefully crafted and designed using laser-etched detailing, its unique pattern provides a three-dimensional aesthetic.
SI-50253’s Titanium crafted material also provides the benefit of being lightweight, improving the wearer’s sense of comfort and fit.
For those who love retro looks but appreciate modern materials, the SI-60232 demonstrates the best of both.
SI-60232 is a remake of a classic style that has only proven to satisfy the wearer due to its adaptability. The consumer may seamlessly wear this frame from day to night, in both casual and formal settings.
Old school looks are delivered in advanced metal and plastic (Titanium and TX5) to ensure the frame is lightweight, durable, and skin-friendly.
Altogether, the SI-60232 is a frame that feels as good as it looks.

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