During a summer of concerts, glamour, and film festivals, Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe made a unique style choice. Known for his prominent roles in successful films such as “Gladiator” and “A Beautiful Mind,” Crowe never ceases to surprise us, both on and off the screen.

After an intense week in Italy, filled with leisure moments and musical commitments with his band, Indoor Garden Party, Crowe flew to the Czech Republic to attend the 57th edition of the prestigious Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. He walked the red carpet wearing a pair of Blackfin sunglasses, the Copeland model.

The renowned Hollywood star also stylishly sported his Blackfin sunglasses during his Italian tour, maintaining an unmistakable look. His love for the brand was so great that he expressed it in a Tweet where he recommended, When you wear a tuxedo in the afternoon, don’t forget your Blackfin sunglasses!

This SPOTTED moment demonstrates that Blackfin continues to be the go-to brand for those who, like Crowe, seek quality, style, and a unique identity.