SNOB Milano

Eco-responsible materials and treatments are the hallmarks of this pioneering Milanese brand, a leader in the magnetic clip-on segment. More focus on the environment, enhanced quality and an unmistakable style.

Bio Lux. Titanium. Clip-on. Exclusive ZEISS Sunless climate-friendly lenses guaranteeing the highest quality standards. These are the keywords that sum up the SNOB Milano collection, which is always – we mean always – Made in Italy.

SNOB Milano is an eyewear collection designed, produced and distributed in Italy by historic manufacturer Franco Sordelli (established in 1921) from Venegono Inferiore in Varese, Italy’s second-largest eyewear production district. During more than a century in business, Sordelli has gradually carved out a leading role in the production and processing of plastics, establishing itself in the Fifties as a leading manufacturer of plastic articles and semifinished goods, before specialising in eyewear. Today, the company owns two brands, Touch and Snob Milano, which are both proud to manufacture all their products entirely in Italy while maintaining high quality standards and offering a fast, dynamic customer service.

The SNOB Milano project was born 8 years ago from a meeting between the two men currently guiding the brand: Dino Sordelli, sales manager of the family-run company, and Tommaso Bossetti, a Milanese designer whose strong aesthetic sense combines with a remarkable realism.

In recent years, SNOB Milano has successfully introduced new trends and design currents as part of the cohesive evolution of a collection centred on the product and the user, positioning itself as a powerful creator and trendsetter. From a simple concept collection that disrupted the market with a simple yet brilliant idea based on the flat lens, today the brand has a complete offering whose brand identity is highly distinctive and appreciated worldwide. Proof of this is the strong partnership forged with ZEISS Sunlens for the signature collection of optical glasses with magnetic solar clip-ons. The purpose of this exclusive partnership is to produce all the solar clips in the collection, which guarantees high quality and optical excellence. 2022 marked an even more important turning point for this partnership. Starting from last autumn on, every pair of SNOB Milano glasses will fit climate-friendly ZEISS Sunlens lenses in eco-friendly nylon, which is made from bio-based material according to a mass balance production method that uses renewable energy. This sustainable new material offers the same characteristics, standards and optical performance as its polyamide forerunner, so continued high quality is guaranteed.

The main novelties of the new collection include four new plastic models, one in the BIO LUX collection and two titanium frames. 

Plastic. CABRIOLET is a model with a great personality. Linear and timeless, these frames come with the “full lens” option” and offer an extra twist: as the magnetic solar clip-on is available in a range of colours, this model is sure to be a hit with everyone, whether they want a bolder look or a more classic style.

BOSÌN (Ambrogino): small lens width, rectangular and with a radical chic, intellectual mood, these frames are bright and cheerful and in many cases have the front and temples in different colours, pairing with the round Radical model available in the collection since last autumn.

VENUS is a refined, feminine, slender and lightweight model. A real passe-partout with a modern look. DOGUI VEEthe icon of the sun collection since debuting in 2014, is now available in a new version for the first time. Presented in 12 colours with contrasting clip-on, the simplicity of this model is guaranteed to be just as popular as the OG version.

The BIO LUX segment launched at Silmo last October now has a new addition with the LILLO model. BIO LUX is a new product series that wants to experiment with new ideas – materials, treatments and colours – provided they’re eco-friendly and meet the brand’s aesthetic and quality standards.  The frames in this series are all made from plant-derived bioplastic, a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic. They’re combined with temples made from beta-titanium, an extremely lightweight, robust and flexible material that’s not only hypoallergenic but also non-toxic and biocompatible. The product offers the same characteristics as its forerunner but is much less harmful to health and the environment, in terms of its composition and the way the materials are processed.

Steel has now made way for TITANIUM and we’ll be seeing two more models made from this outstanding material: two frames with small lens width (47 mm), one panthos shape and one octagonal with a new temple design.