Silmo 2015 consolidates the successful performance of Safilens and the company’s ongoing commitment to research and innovation: fusion 1day presbyo, the first daily lens for presbyopia based on the patented fusion technology™ which debuted at the last Opti tradeshow, was nominated in the Silmo d’Or “Vision” category. This prestigious nomination rewards more than 30 years of experience by Safilens in delivering solutions that are always in sync with market developments and the needs of contact lens wearers.

“We are very proud that fusion 1day presbyo, by far our most innovative product, received a Silmo d’Or nomination in the Vision category,” commented Vincenzo Bruno, Managing Director at Safilens. “fusion 1day presbyo is a new-concept lens for presbyopia: it is neither multi-focal nor progressive, but rather takes full advantage of the afocal design patented by Safilens, which increases the depth of field, ensuring exceptionally sharp distance, intermediate and close-up vision. There are many benefits: none of the aberrations associated with the use of multi-focal lenses, fewer parameters (only 61), easier fitting and no adaptation time, even for the most demanding myopes.”

fusion 1day presbyo is based on the innovative fusion technology™, a cutting-edge technology that guarantees extended protection of the eye surface and, given the end users of the new lenses, it is a fail-safe winner. fusion technology™ incorporates a co-polymer made from Tamarind Seed Polysaccharide (TSP) and hyaluronic acid (HA) in the contact lens. This synergy enhances the well-known properties of TSP and HA in hydrating, lubricating and protecting the eye surface from the mechanical stress caused by wearing contact lenses, thereafter promoting the re-growth of epithelial microvilli. This technology therefore improves wearer comfort by normalizing the tear film and works in harmony with the eye to continuously and consistently release a natural tear film substitute and mineral salts from the lens to the tear film.

fusion 1day presbyo is available with a 8.60 mm. base curve, 14.10 mm. diameter and powers ranging from + 8.00D to – 10.00D.