New Team – Klaus Schmied, Thomas Windischbauer, Daniel Rogger and Arnold Schmied

A new executive management team joined Silhouette International in fall of 2013. After managing the premium-class eyewear company for fifteen years, brothers Klaus and Arnold Schmied left the operational business and will make the transition to the board of directors over the coming months. They have respectively been replaced by Thomas Windischbauer and Daniel Rogger.
With the company since 2001, Thomas Windischbauer now heads Production, Technology, Finance, Logistics, and Administration.
As the chairman of the board, Daniel Rogger will assume leadership in areas such as Product Development, Brand Management, Sales and Human Resources.
“Following this family-owned company’s traditional, long-term way of thinking, this transition will be well-planned and managed. The new executive team members will participate in an intense familiarization and transitional process,” says Norbert Nagele, chairman of the board of directors of Silhouette International Schmied AG.
Klaus and Arnold Schmied will initially continue to support the new executive team but will attend primarily to the interests of the company’s owners in the future. “Continuity is one of the values that make our business, which has been family-owned for about fifty years, successful. This is something we want to guarantee even through this phase,” Windischbauer earned a doctorate in business informatics and has been working for Silhouette as Chief Information Officer for more than two years. He has a
comprehensive understanding of and experience in the areas of organization, process and project management, and supply chain management. For more than sixteen years,
Rogger has worked in leading positions for well-known Swiss companies in the watch industry, where he last held the position of international director for the reputable brand
A. Lange & Soehne. He will contribute his extensive brand and sales expertise to Silhouette International as of this coming December.
In 1964, Silhouette International Schmied AG was established by Anneliese and Arnold Schmied in Linz. Under its proprietary brand Silhouette and under the license brand of
Adidas eyewear, the company produces premium-quality eyeglasses in Austria and the Czech Republic. With approximately 1,500 employees at its headquarters in Linz and its affiliates in 13 countries on four continents, the company generates approximately EUR 160 million in sales revenue with an export ratio of 95 percent.