Transitions Optical Inc., renowned for creating leading-edge adaptive lens technology has set their own bar higher with the announcement of the January 7 launch of the company’s most responsive everyday adaptive lenses ever: Transitions® Signature™ VII lenses with Chromea7™ technology.

Transitions Signature VII lenses will replace Transitions® VI lenses in the Transitions family of products as the optimal lens for maximum indoor clarity and responsiveness to UV outdoors.

“Transitions VI lenses have been in the market for six years. This is the longest we’ve gone without a generational change, so the new technology will create a lot of excitement,” said Brian Hauser, general manager U.S. and Canada, New Transitions Signature VII lenses – 3 Transitions Optical.

Using the patented Chromea7 technology, an exclusive dye formulation that allows the lenses to be more reactive to indirect sunlight and reflected sunlight, in grey and brown, the lenses are more responsive to both direct and indirect sunlight, which means they get darker when facing away from the sun, in reflected light and at different times of day.

“The grey tint is a more neutral colour, offering true life colour and the brown is the best everyday, contrast-enhancing lens we’ve ever offered,” said John Ligas, director, research and development, Transitions Optical.

The company developed their revolutionary product development model – Life360™ – a testing model that combines traditional laboratory measurements, wearer testing and real world measurements in more than 200 situations, including geographies and various environments.

“Performance evaluations and measurements are only meaningful if they reflect what wearers are actually experiencing with the lenses, and the live wearer testing of Transitions Signature VII lenses confirms the enhanced wearer experience that these lenses provide,” explained Ligas. “This is why our Life360 approach now guides our product development.”

In wearer tests, Transitions Signature VII lenses had high patient satisfaction, both
indoors and outdoors. Transitions Signature VII lenses were preferred 2 to 1 over
Transitions VI lenses. This superior wearer experience is due to an optimal balance of
benefits: better darkness outdoors; improved responsiveness in more situations; speed
of activation and fade back; and clarity indoors and at night.

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