Shamir has opened a new lab in downtown Toronto that can fulfill lens orders the same day; including premium freeform lenses and coatings. In today’s fast-paced world speed, accuracy and convenience are highly sought after which makes this new lab a big benefit to patients and ECPs alike in the downtown Toronto area.

Named Inotime, this lab is the fifth of its kind in the world opened by Shamir (the others are in Israel, the US, Portugal and Singapore) and endeavours to complete all lens orders within 3 hours.

Shamir has offered exclusive access to this lab and the corresponding 3 hour service to Eye Recommend Members with practices in the Toronto area. The two organizations will co-invest in local marketing initiatives to ensure that people who live and work in downtown Toronto understand the value of this service.

“Shamir and Eye Recommend have been great partners for a number of years,” said Shamir’s Scott Catton, “it just felt right to capitalize on the strengths of Shamir’s lens technology alongside the infrastructure and commitment to patients that Members of Eye Recommend have.”

“We really felt this was a game-changer and wanted to be involved”, states Ken Barbet, CEO of Eye Recommend. “The fact that Shamir is offering three hour turnaround on premium freeform lenses and coatings offers incredible value for our Members as well as their patients.”