Shamir Optical Industry, Ltd. establishes Shamir Canada Inc. Shamir Optical Industry, Ltd., an Israel-based company, is engaged in the development, design and manufacture of premium progressive lenses and molds for the ophthalmic industry.  Shamir Optical Industry, Ltd. is ranked among the world’s top ten progressive lens manufacturers. Shamir Canada Inc. will provide premium Freeform® progressive, single vision, occupational and specialty designs to satisfy the growing need for lifestyle solutions in the Canadian market.

“We see a need in the Canadian market for high quality, branded, back-side Freeform lenses. Shamir is well known internationally as a premier lens designer and manufacturer, and Shamir Canada Inc. will be bringing these Freeform lenses to Canada,” said Martin Bell RO, National Sales and Marketing Manager for Shamir Canada Inc.

Serving as the Sales & Marketing center for Canada, Shamir Canada Inc. will specialize in the marketing of premium progressive and occupational lenses under product brand names such as Shamir Autograph III®, Shamir InTouch™, Shamir Autograph II – Attitude™, Shamir FirstPAL™, Shamir Golf™, Shamir Relax™, Shamir WorkSpace™ and Shamir Computer™.

Shamir Canada’s product line features revolutionary technologies such as the patented EyePoint Technology III®, IntelliCorridor™, Natural Posture™ and As-Worn Quadro™. These groundbreaking technologies are incorporated in Shamir Canada’s line of premium lenses, to provide the patient with the most personalized visual experience, based on their selected frame, as-worn measurements, prescription and lifestyle needs.

Over the course of four decades, Shamir Optical Industry has established itself as a company known worldwide for innovation, revolutionary technology, and stringent quality assurance practices. Shamir Canada Inc. will operate under the same guidelines providing the optical industry with high quality, cutting-edge lens technologies in a wide selection of materials, to answer the visual needs of presbyopic and single vision patients alike.