Safilo says the new styles in its Moschino spring/summer 2018 eyewear collection are a true expression of the Fashion House.

The collection, produced and distributed by Safilo, embodies “the ironic glam, light-hearted approach and the decadent luxury” of the Italian brand and Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott.

Safilo says strong hints of gold pervade the entire collection, in the form of 3-D logos, studs, chains, metal bars, et cetera.

The colour palette, meanwhile, reveals a background of black and Havana with gold metal finishing together with fundamental white, red and blue, as well as a more playful and glossy range: pink and fuchsia, plume and teal.

Jeremy Scott recently discussed the new collection, which is available at Moschino boutiques, high-end optical shops and quality department stores.

Q. What is the inspiration behind this new collection?

A. There are many inspirations, ranging from 1950s starlets to punk ballerinas with spiky studs.

Q. What are you searching for in a pair of sunglasses?

A. I feel like you can really enhance your mood by the sunglasses you choose to wear – it’s like being in a role in film. I sometimes want to have something very classic retro with a twist that feels carefree and fun. Other times I want something that is tough and makes me feel strong. Sometimes I want to wear something that will make me feel hidden in plain sight. And then still sometimes I want to wear something that says “look at me.”
It really depends on my mood and that’s why I want to create shades that enhance all these different feelings and moments in one’s life.

Q. Who would you like to have wearing Moschino sunglasses?

A. I’m very democratic. If someone loves what I do, I’m happy for them to wear it!
I would like to see my shades on pop stars and stay-at-home moms, Wall Street bankers and rappers from the Bronx, starlets poolside in Hollywood and grunge punks on Melrose. I want to see them on everybody!

All cool kids all around the world!