Seiko Optical Products of America, the global leader of innovative high-index and free-form lens technologies, introduces Super 16 DA, the world’s first and most advanced dual aspheric finished single vision 1.60 lens.

Seiko Super 16 DA lenses utilize the latest in free-form technology to create the highest standard in terms of optical performance, thickness, lightness, and comfort. They are the perfect blend for high index cosmetics and value. Super 16 DA lenses are as thin as a comparable 1.67 lens because of the aspheric design being incorporated on both sides.

Michael J. Rybacki, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, states “SEIKO’s dual aspheric low base curve compensates for distortion, peripheral power error and astigmatic aberration in a balanced manner at all viewing angles. This results in exceptional clarity of vision throughout the entire lens, with a significant improvement in all viewing areas, especially in high minus powers.” Rybacki added, “the free-form designed back surface provides precise secondary aspheric/atoric compensation for each individual prescription, providing exceptionally clear and wide peripheral vision.

The Super 16 DA design includes a patented SEIKO-exclusive 10mm spherical fitting button in the lens center for instant patient accommodation. Super 16 DA is available with SEIKO premium SuperClean AR coating from Plano to -10.00 sphere out to a -2.00 cylinder. [Total Power -10.00]