By Denis Langlois

Forbes magazine recently proclaimed that red frames will be a red-hot fashion trend in 2020.

Red is the perfect hue for fashion accessories like scarves, bracelets and, of course, eyewear because it goes with pretty much anything and is always on-trend.

It also perfectly complements a black-and-white professional ensemble, adding a bit of personality to an otherwise colourless look.

Forbes says red is “an expression of confidence, power and strength,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Red can also scream luxury – think of the soles of Louboutin shoes or the logo of Bugatti automobiles or Polo by Ralph Lauren shirts.

While red frames are often linked to former talk show host Sally Jessy Raphael, the latest red eyewear has been spotted on celebrities from Taylor Swift and Gwen Stefani to Elton John and Madonna.

Here are some spicy frames for which we are excited to roll out the red carpet.

  1. Bally BY0004-D by Marcolin Group.
  2. Ice Cream IC9135 by Plan “B” Eyewear.
  3. Evatik E-9204 by WestGroupe.
  4. Blackfin Sandvick.
  5. Vera Wang VA42, available through Centennial Optical.
  6. Modern Optical Modern Art A610.
  7. HUGO BOSS HG1075