Essilor Group in Canada is pleased to announce today the appointment of Sanaz Malekeh (formerly Sheila Bissonnette) to the position of Executive Director – Essilor Mission in Canada. Marc Tersigni, Chief Strategic Officer states, “Our mission is to improve lives by improving sight, through serving all 35 million Canadians, who need to correct and protect their vision. Essilor Group in Canada will enhance collaboration with eye care professionals, in order to create deeper advocacy and consumer awareness for the importance of vision health and eye protection. In her new role, Sanaz will assume the lead for Vision Impact Institute in Canada to establish advocacy and awareness for uncorrected refractive error (URE). Through new synergistic partnerships with eye care professionals, Essilor Group in Canada will also define opportunities to improve access to eye care and eye wear in Canada’s under-served populations. Our philanthropic outreach and activities will now be directed under Essilor Vision Foundation. Sanaz will act as Executive Director for the Vision Foundation of Canada, engaging network employees, partner organizations and our customers to make a meaningful and concerted effort in local communities by serving the most needy Canadian populations. And, last but not least, being an environmentally sustainable company is essential for Essilor in demonstrating good corporate citizenship. Our recent recognition as the 5th company worldwide in Newsweek’s 2016 Green Rankings, creates a leading opportunity for us to communicate and lead in the Canadian market on the importance of environmental sustainability. Sanaz’s expertise as Essilor Corporate Communications and Community Relations Director and her previous experience as the Executive Director of Canadian Coalition of Eye Care Professionals positions her as the ideal candidate for leading the group’s mission in Canada, through the acceleration of these four pillars.” The new role will report to Chief Strategic Officer for Canada and Essilor International Mission headquarters in Singapore. “We firmly believe that our mission at Essilor can help transform people’s lives and their economic futures through improved access to vision care. We are excited that we are now accelerating our efforts to help all Canadians enjoy the benefits of healthy vision.” states Jayanth Bhuvaraghan, Chief Mission Officer at Essilor International.