SAFILO Group and Interaxon Inc., the world leader in consumer brain sensing technology, have announced a strategic research and development partnership and licensing agreement.

This partnership enables SAFILO’s entry into wearable technology, under the name of SAFILOX ™.

“SAFILOX is the perfect intersection of our renowned iconic eyewear design and authentic quality craftsmanship dating back to 1878, the leading brain sensing technology application, and today’s most coveted consumer search to master mental focus and strength to achieve enhanced personal performance and well-being,” said Luisa Delgado, CEO of SAFILO. “It is neither another example of technology mounted on frames, nor technology for its own sake. With SAFILOX our Group leverages its legendary Passion for Product and People for a wearable eyewear proposition of unparalleled fit and comfort, aspirational design and style, and compelling consumer relevance.”

SAFILO has chosen to partner with Interaxon Inc., a Canadian company and a world leader in sparse EEG (electroencephalography) brain sensing technology. Today, Interaxon’s Muse technology enables consumers, athletes, coaches, clinicians, and healthcare professionals to enhance their and their clients’ personal wellness by helping them improve their mental focus. Interaxon’s technology has been validated scientifically with more than a 100 brain research partnerships around the world, from institutes including the Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest, MIT, McMaster University, NASA, and IBM.

Scientific research partnerships involving SAFILOX are already underway, and involve leading Canadian neuroscience researchers at institutes including the University of Toronto, the University of Victoria, and furthermore a study by Michela Balconi, Professor of Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuroscience, Head of Research Unit in Affective and Social Neuroscience, at the Cattolica University of Milan.

“With SAFILOX, Interaxon becomes broadly accessible via a premier lifestyle brand, iconic design and stylish accessory. We are excited to spread the positive impact of our technology through Safilo’s authentic quality and aspirational style,” said Derek Luke, CEO of Interaxon.

Interaxon and Safilo have been exploring their first eyewear developments in undisclosed work over the past 12 months. To develop this eyewear platform, the partner companies have established a team of experts devoted to the seamless integration of invisible brain sensing technology with stylish product design, development, and engineering, resulting in technology that is invisible to the user, but with a relevant functionality and aspirationally styled design.

SAFILOX will first be offered via the Group’s SMITH performance eyewear brand.

Interaxon Inc. will be presenting the partnership at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas January 5-8, 2017.