Safilo has launched #united4eyecare, a global corporate initiative that embraces all the actions taken by the company in response to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Safilo is undertaking initiatives in many countries where the Group operates, with particular attention to those most affected by the virus. The initiative’s focus is to protect the eyes, which has been always core in all of Safilo’s activities.

In Italy, Safilo has repurposed a portion of its manufacturing to produce safety glasses and facial shields to be supplied to Italian hospitals in critical need. The safety goggles and face shields are being produced in Safilo’s Italian plants in Santa Maria di Sala and Bergamo. These certified PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) devices will soon be delivered to health care facilities in Bergamo, Seriate, Padua, Latina and Brescia. The initiative is supported by Safilo’s core brand Carrera, with its iconic signature element, the flag, featured on the elastic band of the safety masks.

After a first batch of 10,000 units (5,000 face shields and 5,000 pairs of protective glasses), Safilo is going to produce more to support health workers on the frontline of Italy’s fight against COVID-19.

In Spain, Polaroid is making a contribution to local health care facilities by donating 5,000 medical protection masks to operators involved in the COVID-19 health emergency. The masks will be delivered in the coming weeks to 19 hospitals located in Madrid, Barcelona, Toledo and Valencia. The 5,000 units will be distributed among Intensive Care Units, ENT professionals, doctors, nurses and other medical workers on the frontlines struggling with PPE shortages, as they should be the first to be equipped and protected from infection.

In the U.S., Smith has joined Goggles for Docs, a movement to support local and national personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages across the U.S. Smith is providing ski goggles to healthcare workers who currently have no eyewear protection while treating COVID-19 patients. Smith is currently sending new and used goggles to respond to hospital requests, and will continue to promote the program, encouraging its community to volunteer and donate on an individual level.

Smith is also supporting Colorado mountain bike manufacturer Yeti Cycles as they shift focus to produce face shields for health care professionals fighting COVID-19 from the front lines. Smith’s donation of 4,000 yards of goggle strap material will help Yeti Cycles complete 10,000 face shields being manufactured at its headquarters in Golden, Colorado.

Also in the U.S., Blenders Eyewear has repurposed a portion of its manufacturing to make safety goggles for health workers in light of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. The company has donated 10,000 goggles to Southern California hospitals in San Diego and Los Angeles. It is also partnering with Direct Relief, an international humanitarian aid organization, through which it will provide an additional 20,000 pairs of goggles to high-need regions in the U.S. such as New York City. The safety goggles are FDA-approved medical devices and were delivered in recent weeks. If the need continues to grow, Blenders may produce more. In addition, 5 percent of all Blenders’ sales throughout the month of April will go to Direct Relief.

In all its offices, distribution centers and production sites, Safilo has adopted all necessary measures to protect staff health and business continuity, including preventive measures related to hygiene, safety distance, personal protective equipment, and remote working solutions for office staff, and is actively working for the continuity of supply chain operations.