Safilo presents the new graphic design of its corporate website, completely redesigned  and built with the aim of improving the interaction with all its stakeholders – clients, investors, consumers,  new talents, suppliers and local communities – and, at the same time, spotlighting the values most dear to the  Company: craftsmanship, innovation in technology and materials, product excellence, respect for the  environment and sustainability.  

In the new site, designed to make navigation easier and offer information in a clear and immediate way to all  visitors, content is organized by areas (About Us, Product, Sustainability, Governance, Investors, People,  Media, Customers) and enriched with images, data and infographics, transitioning from purely functional  information to a truly emotive experience.  

Our new website aims to be a representative showcase of Safilo’s essence and mission. It is designed to meet  two essential imperatives: provide information that meets the expectations of our visitors, and share the unique  spirit of the Group”, commented Angelo Trocchia, CEO of Safilo Group. “We wanted to create a modern  platform, able to better illustrate our corporate identity to all our stakeholders, but also ready to reaffirm  Safilo’s historical propensity towards innovation, in all fields. For a company that has been a leading player  of the industry for over 140 years, today more than ever in continuous evolution and projected towards a future  of development and innovation, it is essential to have a communication and dialogue tool likely to create  engagement and resonate with our audiences.” 

The new corporate website is one of the milestones of Safilo’s digital transformation, which also includes the  launch of the new business-to-business platform, which took place last year throughout Europe, and the  adoption of a new CRM platform (Customer Relationship Management), demonstrating how offering high  levels of service, from the initial transaction to after-sales, and customer satisfaction are a fundamental priority  for the Company.