Safilo Group, a worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing and  distribution of optical frames and sunglasses, sports eyewear, goggles and helmets, continues to grow in its  digital transformation process and is pleased to announce the debut of Imprint 3D Technology, developed  and launched through Safilo’s proprietary brand, Smith. 

Smith created the patent-pending Imprint 3D Technology to address the vast range of face shapes and  features while eliminating the one-size fits all approach to sports gear. Continuing the brand’s legacy of  disrupting design and innovation, the initial launch of Smith’s Imprint 3D Technology debuts with a first to-market custom crafted 3D printed snow goggle delivering increased all-day comfort, elimination of light  leak due to improper fit, removal of pressure points or hot spots, and an expanded field of view.  

The new Smith I/O MAG Imprint 3D goggle is the first custom goggle built to the individual features of a  person’s face. Utilizing Smith’s custom app, users scan their face to capture their unique details and  contours, allowing an individualized frame to be automatically generated, 3D printed – using HP’s industrial  Multi Jet Fusion platform – and, finally, hand assembled into the best-selling Smith I/O MAG goggle in  Smith’s USA-based production facility. 

“Safilo’s 360° digital transformation continues. Within the last year, we have introduced multiple  innovations in both the B2B and D2C areas. Today we are very satisfied to be the first on the market to  have studied a concrete application of new technologies, with an innovative final product delivered to  market that continues to evolve the sports experiences of our customers.”- stated Angelo Trocchia, CEO  of Safilo Group “The use of cutting-edge technologies is part of Safilo’s DNA and represents a key step  in our growth objectives.” 

The Smith I/O MAG Imprint 3D goggle features Smith’s proprietary ChromaPop™ branded lenses, uniquely tuned to deliver the ultimate in visibility and clarity beyond normal capabilities by amplifying  natural color and enhancing definition. 

The innovative Smith I/O MAG Imprint 3D google is currently available exclusively in North America  through