Safilo announces its intention to close the Slovenian production site in  Ormož starting from June 2021, which – in the context of the plan to realign the Group’s industrial  capacity to current and future production needs – will involve 557 employees.  

This intervention follows the actions taken in Italy in 2020, which involved the closure of the  Martignacco production site and the reorganization of the Longarone site, which is still ongoing.    

The already complex situation of the Ormož site in terms of reduction of volumes – due to the  termination of the licensing agreements for major brands and the ever-growing trend towards  acetate products, a material appreciated by optical customers and consumers for its quality and  prestige – has been worsened by the Covid-19 pandemic and has led to structural imbalances which  are not sustainable for the years to come.  

Furthermore, the above-mentioned closure would be consistent with the Group’s business  objectives aimed at optimizing and improving the efficiency of its manufacturing footprint.    

The Group confirms the opening of a discussion table with the Trade Unions and institutions to  identify all possible solutions in order to mitigate any social impacts of this painful scenario.


image via The Slovenia Times