To contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and promote a sustainable mobility, Safilo has started begun to renew its company car fleet in favor of Toyota and Lexus hybrid vehicles. 

The entry of the first cars with Full Hybrid technology is part of a more extensive program for the total conversion of Safilo’s vehicle fleet towards sustainable mobility: already in 2020, the Company plans to include around 100 new cars equipped with the most advanced Full Hybrid technology of the Toyota Group, gradually replacing the rest of the fleet in Italy and abroad. 

The Toyota Group’s Full Hybrid Electric technology allows not only to reduce the consumption and emissions of climate-altering gases harmful to human health, but also guarantees the best possible compromise between engine efficiency, emissions and performance. All this without any change in driving habits and without the need for external recharging. 

“Innovation and continuous research for excellence have always been part of Safilo’s DNA and are the drivers that today support us in making responsible choices towards the desire to reduce the environmental impact both individually and at a company level,” commented Angelo Trocchia, CEO of Safilo Group. “For this reason, we have turned to a partner like Toyota recognized for its global capabilities in the development of hybrid technology cars to bring us even closer to the objectives of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We have already made tangible progress on fronts such as the efficiency of water and energy consumption in our manufacturing sites, and we are more determined than ever to go much further in the name of sustainability.” 

“We are very proud that, in terms of mobility, Safilo has chosen our Full Hybrid Electric technology in its path to reduce environmental impact,” said Mauro Caruccio, CEO of Toyota Motor Italia. “The Full Hybrid Electric that equips Toyota and Lexus cars is today the most immediate solution for creating sustainable mobility accessible to all, as demonstrated by the 15 million customers around the world who have placed their trust in us. The partnership with Safilo is based on sharing the same values: innovation and attention to environmental issues.” 

Safilo’s sustainable change towards mobility is part of an energy efficiency plan and a progressive reduction of the ecological footprint of all the Company’s activities, which has as its objective lower CO2 emissions, a reduction in polluting consumption and therefore also greater protection of the environment and health. Issues that have always played a central role in Safilo’s social responsibility programs, which put sustainability at the heart, not only as a safeguard of environmental resources but also as a guarantee of long-term social and economic growth.