Milan – Safilens has chosen Mido again as the stage for the official presentation of its latest product: Open 30 Toric, the new monthly silicone hydrogel lens for astigmatics.

The creation of a new contact lens with minimal side effects has been the goal of OPEN, a Safilens research project lasting 3 years. After the huge success of Open 30 – the silicone hydrogel contact lens based on fusion technology™ launched at Mido 2013 – the company is now presenting Open 30 Toric, a lens for astigmatics created to develop the market for sufferers of mild astigmatism and to simplify the fitting procedure.

Just like Open 30, the new toric lens is made of Filcon V – a high oxygen diffusion bio-silicone hydrogel – and is based on the well-known fusion technology™, a patented technology with controlled delivery of hyaluronic acid (HA) and Tamarind Seed Polysaccharide (TSP®), two natural tear-film substitutes.

These characteristics have been combined with DTD (Dynamic Toric Design) geometry, which guarantees the uniform distribution of lens thicknesses, and the RollBack system, an innovative “stability free” system by means of which the lens is able to position itself correctly and automatically (Autofit).

Last, in order to guarantee a regenerated lens every day, Open 30 Toric lenses come with “Open Reload” – a multipurpose solution with a high concentration of Fusion co-polymer that uses a superior quality hyaluronic acid – and “Sonic Wave Generator” which assures that deposits build-up are removed and reloads the lens with HA and TSP® during the night. Simply put, all the benefits and comfort of the revolutionary OPEN system for the first time for astigmatic patients as well.

“After the excellent results with Open 30 we could not but study a lens that would offer the same standard of eye comfort and wellbeing for astigmatics too”, commented Vincenzo Bruno, Managing Director at Safilens. “We are very pleased with the results that have been achieved and are sure that our product will bring a real benefit to astigmatic patients. The innovative RollBack system assures better visual acuity in presence of mild astigmatism. Furthermore, with Open 30 Toric “EasyFit”, the fitting and dispensing time will be notably reduced and more similar to those of a spherical lens.”

Safilens was established in 2001 to create innovative, high quality products in the sector of contact lenses. This solid, avant-garde company has succeeded in exploiting the 30 year plus experience of its founders to deliver solutions always in sync with market developments and the needs of contact lens wearers.
The core value of the company lies in the excellence of its R&D division as well as its focus on customer care. The results demonstrate how important and efficient this approach has been: high performance products, prompt responses to customer needs, technological leadership in the sector.
In 2012, Safilens was purchased by the Bruno Farmaceutici S.p.A. Group, a pharmaceutical company that was established in Rome in 1996 and a leader in Italy in the sector of oral cortisone and anti-diabetes medicines. The acquisition allowed Bruno Farmaceutici to expand into the very promising contactology market while providing Safilens with Bruno’s scientific know-how and all the value of its pharmaceutical R&D work.