Dedicating special care to the finest details, the Rye&Lye styles combine materials research with refined detailing: the utmost attention goes into studying and choosing every single element. Rye&Lye is back with a skilfully crafted collection that makes use of fine materials that are processed using leading-edge technologies.

Wood. Giorgione, Tiepolo and Tintoretto interpret wood – a precious, warm material that is alive – and that gives the eyes an extra touch of personality. Each style is a combination of metal and solid wood – used for the front or browpiece – which comes in three very clean, linear shapes as usual. While seemingly simple, this eyewear conceals a technological marvel developed by the creative team at Immagine98 to make lens mounting easy. This rim lock device releases and locks the lenses which – unlike all normal wood eyewear – are no longer pressure-mounted, thus eliminating any risk of breaking the lens or damaging the frames.