Advancing to the finish line just got a whole lot clearer for athletes with prescription eyewear needs. The visionary partnership of Shamir and adidas eyewear (the sports division of Silhouette International) has leveled the playing field.

That’s what happens when designers bring together Shamir, a world leader in the development of optical solutions for sports lenses, and pair it with adidas eyewear, an iconic sports eyewear brand with leading- edge Light Stabilizing Technology (LST). The end result is the RXO system—an innovative solution, mounted on a highly technical wraparound frame, compatible with most prescriptions for single vision or progressive prescription requirements.

“Thanks to the Shamir Attitude Series, the adidas eyewear LST technology is now being offered in the market for patients with prescription needs,” said Marine Chevanne, Public Relations Coordinator of adidas eyewear at COS. “Providing this great new line to our ECPs is important as
we know the population is aging in Canada.”

Developed with athletes in mind, the RXO features direct inframe glazing that offers a wider field of view than adapter lenses. Using a revolutionary system of cutting and shaping lenses, Shamir has developed the ability to ensure maximum versatility and accuracy for cutting and finishing the lens, ensuring an accurate fit for a series of adidas eyewear sports frames.

When teamed up with the adidas eyewear LST technology, a high quality filter that eliminates visual distractions by enhancing contrasts and reducing colour distortion and eye fatigue, the RXO cuts down visual distractions and offers athletes a clear perception of their surroundings. Benefits include improved reaction times, increased concentration, reduced possibility for injury and better risk-assessment.

“Optometrists and opticians can dispense wrap-around sunglasses with confidence when they use the RXO lenses, because of the Attitude
design and the adidas eyewear LST technology working together in the adidas frames,” said Martin Bell, National Sales Manager for Shamir Canada.

Bell knows that eye care professionals have been leary of recommending wrap-around sunglasses for their patients, because of the side-effects of visual distortion and dizziness that occur with more basic lenses. He insists that RXO is a proven solution for most prescription sunglass wearers that offers them a full peripheral field of vision with dramatically reduced distortions.

The RXO system has been adapted for specific sports, from golf and running to cycling. Athletes can choose from the wide selection of adidas eyewear sunglass sports frames to meet their specifc performance needs and be guaranteed of a visual field without compromise.

For athletes looking for optimum vision with a competitive edge, the RXO is good to go with a clear view from the starting line to the finish line.